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GRRRL PRTY sells out First Ave!

If you didn’t make it to the GRRRL PRTY show last month, I wish you could have. These ladies put on a hell of a show. There was even a little free entertainment on the dance floor before the show started. Two fans showed off some of their moves for a solid 3-4 minutes, and they were very entertaining. When the crowd has energy like that before the first act touches the stage, you know the night is going to be special.

Bionik officially kicked the show off with a solid live DJ set that featured two excellent break dancers. I never caught who they were, so if anyone knows them I’d love to give ‘em credit. BdotCroc came out next, and she came out fiery. This emcee had so much energy, it was like she was her own hype-woman. Not only was she comfortable on stage, Bdot controlled it. Her three-track set list had me wishing for more. It’s safe to say that the crowd was fully riled after her set, myself included.

Everyone had their hands up as we all soaked up the wall of sound that Mina and Safe Jazz were kicking out. The entire thing was just massive.

Cue Safe Jazz. These three guys took the stage next and played a little instrumental bit before Aby Wolf came on. They were all smiles the entire night and played excellent instrumentals for Aby, and later Mina Moore. Aby’s set had a very sultry start, and ended with a song that was a little more fun. Her stage presence was mesmerizing and had the whole crowd swaying along with her. I wasn’t sure how the crowd would take her after such a high energy set by BdotCroc, but they were fully on board with Aby’s sweet vocals. After two great opening sets in a row, I thought that there was no way the next act could be as good. I was cautiously excited for the next performer to take the stage.

Mina Moore proved me wrong. This R&B singer took the stage with a quiet confidence that held everyone’s attention. Mina has one of the smoothest voices I’ve heard. About halfway through her second song, I had decided that if I could pick one voice to sing me to sleep every night, it would be hers. Mina’s duet with Caroline Smith brought some fun to the set, and she polished it off with a powerful song about her mother that turned into a Black Lives Matter ballad. Everyone had their hands up as we all soaked up the wall of sound that Mina and Safe Jazz were kicking out. The entire thing was just massive.

I had not looked into any of the openers before this show but I was fully impressed with everyone in the lineup. They each had 3-4 track sets and there was almost no waiting time between them. This kept the crowd excited and made the whole experience more enjoyable. I’m chalking this up as my favorite opening lineup out of any show I’ve been to. All this, and I haven’t even started talking about GRRRL PRTY.

The dynamic trio of Sophia Eris, Manchita, and Lizzo finally took the stage, and took it with force. Sophia had a presence that is best summed up as “the cool one,” and her swagger went unmatched all night. Lizzo’s bubbly personality and infectious smile brought the energy up and kept it there. Manchita single-handedly brought the nasty, and her crazy lyrics and lively dancing kept everyone on their toes. GRRRL PRTY performed a high-energy set that included, to my knowledge, all of the tracks from their mixtape TNGHT, as well as “Wegula,” Manchita’s “Pussy Rap,” and the new “GRRRL Anthem” which was produced by Bionik. Lizzo threw a couple of her own solo songs into the mix as well. If that wasn’t enough, there were four different points in the set where objects were thrown into the crowd. I was hit by both a beach ball full of glitter and a tampon dyed red. The guy next to me caught a cookie during Lizzo’s performance of “Batches & Cookies,” and, towards the end, I saw boxes from CRAVE Café and Deli flying through the air. Together, these three rocked the stage for almost 2 hours of non-stop fun; even the back rows were dancing. I’ve never seen an entire building of people feeling the music like they did that night.

-Chris Torres

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