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REVIEW: #HurryUpAndBye from TEK & Meta


The Twin Cities underground scene has smiled upon us all this month. TEK and Metasota released #HurryUpAndBye, a collaboration between the two local artists. This 4-track EP is named after a famous quote from the 1996 spoof Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. The first track opens up with a few bits from the movie. If you haven’t seen this film, the scene involves two of the main characters, who are black, visiting an Asian grocer’s store. They walk in, and the door chime whispers “nig-ga”, which is audible in the beginning of the album. The woman running the store clearly wants them out and tries to get them to leave by hiding behind things and yelling “Hurry up and buy/bye!”

The title track, which also happens to be the first on the EP, uses the movie clip as social commentary about how black men and women are treated in everyday life. TEK’s biting words describe his observations about life as a black man. Even though the situation in the movie is funny, TEK is here to ask us all “is it really funny?” The production here is on point, and the big drop in the second half of the song puts heavy emphasis into TEK’s last few emotional lines.

The second track, titled “New Watch” hit me like a two-sided coin. TEK has the first verse on this one, and he comes in rapping about feeling good because of his new watch. He chooses to block out all the bad in the world because he looks good and he’s feeling good. My favorite bit that embodies this feeling perfectly goes like this: “…acting dope is the only natural antidote to a sickness I can’t control, so I medicate, and ride on cruise control with a license I had revoked, smoking, thinking ‘bout better days…”.

Cue Metasota. Once it’s his turn, the sunshine is gone. Meta is quick to remind us of all the garbage we have to wade through in our lives. He tries to expose the truth, but everyone is happy with the garbage. The opposite perspectives taken by these two make for an interesting track. TEK went for a more instrumental beat on this one, and the way that the piano and horns take turns with each other, just to come back together again, kept the beat fresh for me.

“Everybody Knows” is the third track on this EP. This one is a classic ‘I’m the realest’ track where both TEK and Meta rap over a smooth beat that keeps changing up to best fit every couple of lines. Both artists are confident that they’re better than me, and they told me exactly why. The fourth track feeds off of this energy, but gets angrier and hungrier. These two aren’t going away. They’re hungry for success, and they’re coming for it. The minimal beat on this one allowed me to focus solely on what they had to say. They say that they’re on the way up, but I knew that before I was even done with this project.

Give them a listen here:


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