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My Love For Sneakers

If you read my “About Me” article, you might have realized that I did not go deep into my passion for sneakers. In order to really encapsulate that passion, I feel it would be best to have a full article on how I got into the sneaker game, some facts about myself and sneakers, and my take on Jordan Brand. So, let’s get into it!

To start off, I’m going to take you back to when I was a little kid since my interest in shoes started as a child in elementary school. Every August before the new school year started, I’d always want my parents to buy me the most expensive shoes with the hope that everyone in class would be jealous. Funny to think about even as an 8 year old, I wanted to stunt on kids. I can’t help but laugh now as I remember my dad telling me that $100 for a pair of shoes was an outrageous price. It was even funnier when I got older and first told him that I could get hundreds of dollars for certain pairs of shoes.

So, for all of my elementary and middle school years, I was stuck with all white shoes from Payless. Of course I wasn’t too happy with it then, but now I realize that I was lucky to have parents that could afford to put shoes on my feet.

I really got involved in the whole sneaker culture when I was a sophomore in high school. It all started with my own personal interest and curiosity, along with a text to one of my now-best friends, Titus Bishop. He showed me the ropes, and from then on, despite being labeled as both the weird kid that’s really obsessed with shoes, and the wannabe basketball player, (being a hockey player that wore basketball shoes made me a huge target for jokes), I was hooked on sneakers.

I was a middle schooler when I really first started seeing kids start rocking stuff with the Jumpman on it. The initial attraction to the Jumpman-stitched clothing and shoes was the fact that it was so expensive. Being from Anoka where the sneaker culture is very dry, I never really saw many people rocking Jordans. And, before I gained knowledge of what the retros were, anything with a Jumpman on it was something I was interested in. It may not have been like this for other kids my age, but when I saw somebody wearing an article of clothing with a Jumpman on it, I was awe-struck. “He’s wearing JORDANS!!”, I’d think to myself as my jaw dropped. I’m not sure if it was because I had heard Jordan made very expensive, very high-quality shoes and clothes, or because of the legacy of Michael Jordan himself, but nonetheless, I loved wearing the Jumpman. I remember my first pair of Jordans were Wolf Grey 5’s. I got them in a trade, and then a few months later, I sold them to buy another pair of shoes. I now grimace in regret every time I see a clean picture of them on Instagram.

Now that I’ve been around sneakers for a few years and know more about Jordan Brand as a whole, that initial jaw-dropping moment from seeing any pair of Jordans is gone. However, there is still a certain attraction to the Jumpman. A certain swagger that I gain when wearing it. To break it down, It’s a power symbol. I figure that this is the reason why Jordan Brand is still so popular today, especially among my generation. Despite never getting the chance to see Jordan play, his legacy as a basketball player is so big that his sneakers still sell out every release, and they are worshiped in high schools across America. It’s a known fact that kids want to be like Mike.

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