Akomplice x Synchrodogs – Hidden Luster L/S T


Synchrodogs_A Ukrainian Photography Collective

As described by METAL, Synchrodogs is raw, dreamlike and psychedelic, creating images with a beautiful disregard for the ordinary. Pushing boundaries and challenging convention, their pictures delve into a strange limbo between reverie and realism to open our eyes to a world of bewilderment and freethinking, where anything goes.


We came together with Synchrodogs for a project focused on the marriage between photography and graphic design, with apparel as the medium. We set out to make an inspiring and stimulating collection designed around Synchrodogs’ striking and unconventional photographs. The outcome was an innovative, contemporary capsule collection that pushes bounds of photography.

Front of the shirt features a black and white Hidden Luster image above a brick pattern and “Synchrodogs x Akomplice” in black. Back of the shirt features a full color print of the Hidden Luster image. On one side of the image is the text “Third Eye Open. Tasting the experience leads to understanding. Keep your heart open. The rest is a story. Infinity ∞. 6,2000 ft” printed sideways.

  • Akomplice x Synchrodogs Hidden Luster L/S T
  • Color : White / Multi
  • Materials : 100% Organic Cotton
  • Price : $35

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M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


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