STUDIIYO23 – Bigger Than Kings Nefertiti Crew


“The Beautiful One Has Arrived”….

Studiiyo23 presents our newest and perhaps most meaningful design to date: The “Bigger Than Kings” crew neck sweater. The iconic Queen Nefertiti holds center stage in the design as a symbol of eternal beauty and strength for all women. Not only female, but a Queen of Ancient Egypt and to some a Pharaoh in her own right. Her ancient name means: “The Beautiful One Has Arrived”. Then, and now, she has been proclaimed to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

Her virtues were not only skin deep. Together with her man, the Pharaoh Akhenaten, they launched the first religious revolution in history in which they abandoned the traditional gods of Ancient Egypt and proclaimed to worship the only One true God.

Below the lower bust of Nefertiti you will find the words “Studiiyo23” written in the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet.

We pay homage to all the strong, beautiful and courageous women in our lives. The backbone of any and every society, we must always remember women truly are “BIGGER THAN KINGS”.


(Printed on Heather Grey crew neck sweater)

  • Studiiyo23 Bigger Than Kings Nefertiti Crew
  • Color : Grey / Turquoise / Gold
  • Materials : 85% Cotton / 15% Polyester
  • Price: $50

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