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S23’s Air Jordan XI Black/Red Q+A

Air Jordan 11 Retro – Black/Varsity Red-White

Perhaps THE most sought after model in the Air Jordan lineup, the Jordan XI returns during the Xmas season in its black and red version, otherwise known as the Jordan XI “B/red”.  Loved by some, adored by many, wanted by ALL…the Air Jordan 11 was the first athletic shoe that featured patent leather.  This particular color-way features a shiny black patent upper with a varsity red gum bottom. It was last seen in 2008 in the 11/12 Countdown Pack, arguably the best of all the CDPs. Sneakerheads also saw a high quality 2001 release in addition to the original release in 1996.

We all remember the past three pre-Christmas lines for the Space Jams in ’09, the Cool Greys in 2010 and the Concords in 2011. Well, well, well…here we go again!

The Details:

Release date: 12/21/12.

Doors open: 9am.

Sizes available: Crib/infant, toddler, youth and men’s sizes. 1C – 14M.

Release method: First come, first serve.

Q: Why are they called the “Bred 11s?”

A: They aren’t. Back in the day they were just the “black and red 11s” or “playoff 11s”.  That turned into an abbreviation of Blk/Red 11s, followed by B/red 11s and now with all the abbreviations popular culture has created, it’s become the “bred 11”. Some youngsters have even taken to incorrectly calling them the “bread 11”, but we assure you there will be no sandwiches handed out this Friday!

Q: Why are you releasing them on a first come, first serve basis and not doing the Twitter RSVP or a Raffle like many of your counterparts?

A: One of the most important things to all of us at Studiiyo23 is the integrity and fairness of our releases. Though we understand why some shops have moved to the RSVP or raffle system, we do not necessarily agree with their reasoning. It’s our opinion that both systems ultimately reward resellers moreso than true sneakerheads. Let’s take them one by one.

The Twitter RSVP system has several obvious flaws. The most obvious is, what person has the time to just SIT on Twitter all day long waiting for someone in a room to send out a tweet that it’s now okay to send them a direct message requesting a shoe? Most people have responsibilities such as school or work that simply does not allow them to post up on a social media site all day long. In most of the jobs we know of out there, doing that can and will get you fired. Now what shoe is worth someone’s job? What message are we sending our youth these days?

The other is, some people just do not want to sign up for Twitter. Why should the ability of some young kid who worked all summer to buy his/her favorite Jordan/Nike shoe be based on whether or not he/she first of all has Twitter and second of all has the time to sit on that site all day waiting for a tweet?

Lastly, there have been documented cases out of NYC, CHI and other major cities where people have evidence of being in the first few DM’s to be sent to shops but not being chosen for the shoe.

You know who has the most time to post up all day on Twitter with nothing more important to do? Yep, you guessed it: Resellers.

The Raffle system on the other hand was built upon the premise of “fairness”. It’s simple, customers stop in, put their name/number in a box and the employees of your neighborhood sneaker shop pulls names out one by one and informs you if you’ve won! So what’s the problem?

Firstly you must have the time to drive out to the store a week before release day and then again on release day if you happen to win. The only way to find out what day raffle tickets are being accepted is by calling each and every footlocker, champs, etc in your area.

Secondly it introduces the ability for employees of that shop to be dishonest about the winners of each raffle. These abuses have also been documented and reported on.

Lastly, similarly to the Twitter RSVP system, it favors the folks who have ample time to drive around their town to multiple stores and again on release day between set strict hours, usually only a 2 hour window. It’s our opinion this favors resellers more than the youth or adults who have working jobs or schools that they must get to on a daily basis.

For all the above reasons we have always released our kicks on a first come, first serve basis. We can’t promise that this will never change, but what we can promise you is that our loyalties lie with the real sneakerheads and the folks who wait in line for hours for the love of the game and not with thoughts of making $20-50 bucks ten minutes later or by posting them up on eBay or other reselling sites.

Q: So how will Studiiyo23 be releasing your Jordan XI’s this Friday?

A: First come, first serve on release day. We’ll open up at 9am. It’s also one men’s size per customer and you must purchase your size or a 1/2 size up or down. No exceptions. Customers may purchase a men’s pair and a GS/Youth or Infant/toddler sizes. For GS/Youth sizes the same rules apply. For infant/toddler sizes, customers can purchase as many as they want.

Q: Why do you limit how many pairs each customer can buy?

A: Fairness. When we’ve got a line of people it simply isn’t fair to allow someone to purchase two while the guy or gal behind them misses out. The “one per customer” rule applies to all men’s sizes and youth sizes.

Q. That’s admirable. In addition to the shoes you get directly from Nike and your other brands, you also do consignment, so how do you reconcile supporting the “real sneakerheads” when consignment is essentially “reselling”?

A: Great question. It’s one that confuses many but when you break it down it’s really very simple. The whole premise of consignment kicks first started to allow folks to purchase shoes that they missed from YEARS ago. The problem these days is the sheer number of consumers flocking to each Jordan and Nike release versus the number of shoes available. Simple supply vs. demand economics. When there are so many people who miss a current drop the eyes of resellers open wide with dollar signs.

At Studiiyo23 we do not take in any current release for 60 days to try to cut down on the true “resellers”. We also price our consignment kicks very aggressively and allow folks to make offers on the asking price, creating a safe environment where buyers and sellers can negotiate with each with no pressure. You’ll rarely find a consignment shoe online selling for less than the exact one we have in our store.

When purchasing consignment or pre-owned shoe online, you often never know what you will get until it’s too late. Here at Studiiyo23, every shoe that we take in goes through a vigorous “legit check” by our owner, an avid Jordan collector and sneaker freak for over two decades so our consumers can rest assured that anything purchased from Studiiyo23 is the real deal.

At the end of the day, consignment will always exist as long as there is more demand than supply and we just do the best we can to make sure our customers’ experiences at Studiiyo23 are second to none and that we are as fair as possible to everyone.

Q: What is YOUR favorite Jordan of all time?

A: Hahahaha. The black and red Jordan eleven 😉

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8 thoughts on “S23’s Air Jordan XI Black/Red Q+A

  1. Wish it wasn’t on a Friday, I can’t miss school for these.

  2. I Have a lot of idea’s

    You guys should do a “VIP CHANCE TO WIN” type of deal!
    Go to
    register/ sign up to be a member or friend of studiiyo23
    when studiiyo 23 decides to post the “enter to win”
    do it
    then 23 random guests will be able to stand in the vip line instead of the general line and get to buy the retro first!
    customer wins… website views go up.. shoes are purchased… everyone’s happy!

    1. Great idea, thank you! The only issue with that is the quantities. If we allowed 23 folks to be in a “VIP” line, there is nothing to say there would be any left for anyone else….so in affect it turns into another “Raffle” type system. Keep the ideas coming though, we are always looking for creative ways to improve our service!

      1. What if you only allowed the 23 guests to get one pair though instead of unlimited?
        It is somewhat of a raffle. . But only to 23 people. Which honestly… To a sneaker head That gets chosen, it’d be a reward to not have to stand In line for hours for once.
        Or maybe 10 people, perhaps?

        I have a lot more ideas ill keep them coming! Thanks for replying! Blayr Alexander OR Blayr08
        I’d like you guys to check out!

  3. traveled all the way from NC(336) to get my hands on des sneakers!!

  4. do you know when they are gonna be releasing again and where i can get them for a cheap price that is $200 but lower than five plzzzz reply

    1. thank you for the question. the AJ XI “Bred” will likely not re-release for many years. We have a few sizes in the store on consignment but they are priced well above retail price. The ones we have now are approx $320-350 depending on size.

  5. and im talking about the air jordans xi black/red aka bread 11s

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