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We’re looking for new Summer Interns!!!

You’ve been asking, and now we’re looking for a team of Summer Interns who are ready to be part of our Studiiyo23 Street Team! Work with a constantly evolving, local start-up company – STUDIIYO23 –  a fusion of Fashion, Art, Culture, Music and Sneakers. We’re an upbeat, funky, art-centric bunch of folks who like to work hard and have fun doing it. And we also love shoes, lots of ’em! We’re looking for a team of energetic, intelligent, creative, out-going, friendly, and passionate humans who want to work in said environment.  You’ll also get exposed to and participate in various Marketing, Public Relations, and Event Planning activities!

The requirements and why:

*energetic – you must be driven from within. when everyone else is tired, are you?

*intelligent – must be a problem solver.  know how to do the right thing and when to do it. because “only the smart survive”.

*creative – think outside the box. come up with a more efficient/effective solution. you’re surrounded by artists.

*out-going – inherit with being on a Street Team is the ability to talk to and connect people. our business relies 1,000% on our wonderful customers.

*friendly – for the same reason you want someone to be kind to you. we’re nice people and you must be too.

*passionate – in order to truly succeed you must be passionate about what you do. we love what we do always and all ways.

*human – duh! Although…if you have a cool S23 Street Team dog, we’d consider adding him/her to the Team!

*Must be able to meet 3x per week.

At least one person on the Street Team will have to have their own mode of transportation to drive Team members to/from different projects. This is an unpaid position however you will be eligible for all employee discounts, free entry to all our events, special deals, and reimbursement for gas while on an official Studiiyo23 Street Team project. See below for application guidelines. If you’re interested make sure you get this back to us by May 30th!

STUDIiYO23 Marketing Internship Application and Guidelines

  1. Please print this application and ensure it is complete before submitting. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  2. Application deadline May 30th.
  3. All applications must be submitted in person or via email to with the subject “Studiiyo23 Street Team”. These are the only two acceptable forms of application.
  4. Take your time. Be thorough. Be Honest. Be You.







Do you own a car?


Employment History. Please list your last two jobs/positions if applicable. Use additional space if necessary.


Employer name:

Dates employed:

Job responsibilities:

Contact name and number:


Employer name:

Dates employed:

Job responsibilities:

Contact name and number:


Employer name:

Dates employed:

Job responsibilities:

Emergency Contact name and number:




Years attended:

Major and minor focus of study:

Did you graduate?

Expected graduation date?



  • Please write one paragraph about why you want work with us and how you would contribute to the success of STUDIiYO23.  In other words, why are you applying for this position and should we pick YOU? And please remember…. we’re pretty good at reading between the lines so Be You!


  • What is your dream job?


Now let’s have some fun!

v Favorite apparel brand and why:

v Favorite footwear brand and why:

v Favorite artist (does NOT have to be a musical artist):

v Favorite movie:

v Favorite color:

v Favorite food:

v Top 3 favorite hangouts in the Twin Cities:

v Do you use Facebook and Twitter:

v What is your Passion:

v Describe yourself in one word:

v Jordan or Lebron and why: