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Introducing the Studiiyo23 “Designer of the Month”

STUDIIYO23 *Designer of the Month*

From the moment we opened our doors back in August 2010, one of our mantras has been to “support local”.  As such, we have promoted and hosted several local schools, musicians, artists, apparel and jewelry brands, etc. As a local sneaker and apparel boutique, we see the ins-and-outs of what it takes for an idea to manifest into a sellable, final product. Even with all the struggles of translating concept to design to product and no matter how much one believes in their own product, there is no guarantee the public will purchase what a designer produces in this age of unlimited choices. This is the reason why we carefully choose the established brands we carry. It’s never as easy as walking in and saying “hey, put our brand up in your store.”

We often see local entrepreneurs/designers pitch their product to us with little understanding of what it may take to turn their dream into a sellable reality. We would like to help! Starting July, we are launching our “Studiiyo23 Designer of the Month” program. Similar to our “Artist of the Month” program, which has given more than 20 local artists the opportunity to hang and sell their beautiful artwork in our gallery space, very often for the first time ever to a public audience, the “Designer of the Month” initiative serves the same purpose: to give local brands/designers the opportunity to showcase your work at Studiiyo23 for at least one month in hopes of expanding your brand and making a profit! If this is something that interests you or someone you know, please read on.

How to apply:

Submit all the following information to Incomplete applications will not be considered. No exceptions. Please take your time and answer each question to the best of your ability.

  1. Your name and contact information
  2. Name of brand
  3. Date your brand was established
  4. Short statement of brand background, your mission and goals
  5. Is your company or brand registered/trademarked with the State of Minnesota
  6. Story of the design(s)
  7. Describe your means of promotion and reach (fliers, company website, social media, etc)
  8. Why should we choose you?

If chosen:

We will set up an in-store meeting to discuss specific garment/accessory quantities, prices, length of time, etc

If not chosen:

Don’t stress! This is an ongoing initiative so if your submission isn’t chosen it may still be under consideration for a future time period!

Thank you for your interest and support and we hope to hear from many of you creative designers soon!