STUDIiYO23: A fusion of ideas. A place where diverse cultures mix and re-define boundaries. A space where anything is possible. STUDIiYO23 is comprised of two main ideas: “Studio” + “Iiyo.”

Studio – “A workplace for the teaching or practice of an art”

Iiyo – A Japanese phrase meaning “no problem, it’s ok, or sure, go ahead” which is usually used in response to a question asking if something is allowed, revealing the Japanese ideal that anything is possible.

STUDIiYO23 is founded upon three basic principles: Passion, Creativity and Love for the Game. For us one cannot exist without the other, we show respect to each of them everyday.

Founded in May 2010 and open for business on August 21, 2010, STUDIiYO23 is located in the vibrant Uptown area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. STUDIiYO23 is a fusion of urban Fashion, Art, Culture, Music and Technology; a concept geared towards sending the consumer retail experience to a new level. The space is an upbeat, funky, art-centric atmosphere where positive energy and the essence of exclusive sneaker and fashion culture are immediately noticeable.

STUDIiYO23 remixes established brands and the best young designer lifestyle labels with thought-provoking artwork to create an unparalleled customer experience in the heart of the Midwest.

Not only will the selection of clothing and sneakers fulfill a demand for established as well as new fashions, our selected artwork will influence, inspire and provoke thought. STUDIiYO23 is a space where ideas take shape. Through exhibitions and special in-store events, STUDIiYO23 strives to educate and expose our guests to new, exciting and innovative artists from around the globe.

A space that aims to spark creative juices, STUDIiYO23 hosts poetry, open mic, musical events and art exhibitions on a regular basis. Artists will come to paint and design. Poets and spoken-word artists will come to entertain and enlighten our guests. DJs will come to spin the latest jams. Yoga, Salsa or Jujitsu lessons, S23 delivers. STUDIiYO23 will come to be known as the space where the seemingly endless demands of daily life are forgotten. A constantly evolving, innovative retail space where ideas take shape and nothing is impossible. Studiiyo23...we're building a family from the ground up.

The S23 Logo: Inspired by five years spent by the owner in Tokyo, Japan absorbing Japanese culture and tradition, the STUDIiYO23 logo utilizes strong samurai sword strokes to fashion the iconic S23, imitating an artistic Japanese kanji character.