Studiiyo Scholars

We are very proud to introduce our newest S23 Community Support Initiative (CSI): STUDIIYO SCHOLARS. Throughout our now decade-long run in the Twin Cities, we have always strived to give back to those most in need within our Community, those who have less and those who must overcome the greatest societal hurdles to achieve what many consider “the basics.”

This new CSI targets students who may not have the family support or financial resources to further their education beyond their high school years. The goal of the program is to motivate and support underprivileged teens, not necessarily to reward “A” students. We aim to support students through Studiiyo Mentorship Programs (SMPs) focusing on but not limited to: Academics, Financial Literacy, Personal Health, and Entrepreneurship. Although the scholarships are available to anyone who qualifies, we are focused on supporting women, ethnic minorities, single parents, and first-generation college students.

Our Year One (2020) goal is to sponsor twenty-three STUDIIYO SCHOLARS, each with an individual $500 scholarship, for a total of $11,500. This initiative is something that is very near and dear to our Owner’s heart, and as such we are humbled and grateful to announce we are providing the first $7,000 to the STUDIIYO SCHOLARS fund. We aim to raise the remaining amount via various community fundraisers and events so stay tuned for information on how you can help.

Our Year Two (2021) goal is to have the resources to support 45 students ($22,500). We believe by continuing to work hard, focusing on and setting our intentions for the Universe to see, we can and will manifest these results. With our Community’s love and support, we are confident in our goals and plans for the future.

Applicants must be full time High School Seniors who are preparing to graduate and planning to enroll in higher education or pursuing a skilled trade. Successful applicants are selected based on their commitment to academics, an essay illustrating their passions, goals, and hopes for their future, and financial need. Participants must be between the ages of 16 and 19 and maintain a GPA standard of 2.50.

We thank you all in advance for your Community Commitment! We welcome all sponsors, donors, and collaborators who share our vision of a more equitable future for our youth Leaders of Tomorrow. Download Studiiyo Scholars Application