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S23 "Rebel X" Crew Sweater

S23 "Rebel X" Crew Sweater

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Introducing the STUDIIYO23 "REBEL X" crew sweater.

The past 2 years have been quite difficult for our business. We almost had to shut her down. But we remained strong. Committed. Focused. Even when it seemed all hope was lost, we stayed true to our Vision. We Rebelled. We dove deeper into our community givings. We launched a high school scholarship program dubbed "Studiiyo Scholars". Very few folks know this, but we also manifested one of the major goals we've had since 2010 and finally went all in and have received government approval for our 501(c)3 non-profit organization! A formal announcement will come in the next few weeks, but this was a MAJOR win for us and the great Twin Cities community!

Let this message stand for ALL the REBELLIONAIRS in our city who had, and still are, going through so much just to make ends meet, just to get up everyday and work hard for themselves, our families, our children, our partners and a Community we are stronger together. Never forget: "THEY CAN'T MAKE YOU STOP WHAT YOU LOVE"

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