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STUDIIYO23 Two Finger Ring - Black or Gold

STUDIIYO23 Two Finger Ring - Black or Gold

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Introducing our スタジイーヨ two-finger steel ring. Forged deep in the heart of Mt. Fuji by way of the Samurai, highly skilled warrior artisans strike stainless steel reminiscent of days that no longer exist. Still they keep to their traditions to create a fit and feel that only they can, similar to the Sword that takes years to forge and mold into the perfect tool...a seamless and natural extension of the warrior's own hand. This ring is an extension of who we are. Art, Fashion, Culture, and Purpose have been meticulously melted into a mold that slides effortlessly onto your own fingers, thus also becoming a part of who you are. Available in our Fuji-Gold and Kansai Triple Black. Three perfect size options. $45.

  • Studiiyo23 Two Finger Ring

  • Color: Black or Gold

  • Materials: Stainless Steel

  • Price: $45

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