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The White Lotus - A Studiiyo23 x State Bicycle Co. Collab

The White Lotus - A Studiiyo23 x State Bicycle Co. Collab

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A limited edition collaboration between Minnesota-based lifestyle boutique STUDIIYO23 and State Bicycle Co. combines unparalleled design and symbolism with high quality materials to present our Riders: “The Lotus”.

Offered in “The Black Lotus” and “The White Lotus” color schemes, this very exclusive and limited design will be available in-store at STUDIIYO23 or online at on Thursday, July 12, 2018. Each color-way is extremely limited and numbered X of 23.

The intricate details are what set The Lotus apart from the competition.

The main feature of the design is a deep purple and gold “paisley print” reimagined to feature the Lotus flower, an ancient Egyptian symbol of rebirth and regeneration. We chose to redesign the traditional paisley in honor of the late Minnesota born and raised musical genius and global icon, Prince, who never shied away from pushing his own musical boundaries. The Lotus is also a nod to one of STUDIIYO23’s guiding principles of constant growth and innovation.

Set on either a jet black or frost white frame, both bikes feature golden stems, seat posts, cranks, chains, and spoke nipples on a wide, double black wheel and rim set. Custom STUDIIYO23 branding is found on the cross bar, the downtube, as well as both wheel cogs. The front head tube features a custom engraved plaque of MiMi (美美), our heroine bird of prey, always looking ahead and standing guard over our riders. As an added bonus, each bicycle offers both fixed and singlespeed mode to suit the Rider’s preference. The look is finished off with our mantra “Passion Reigns Supreme” delicately engraved on the top of the stem to always remind our Riders to never give up on their dreams and to follow their passions to the end...or perhaps there is no end, a metaphor to the endless paths Riders are sure to travel atop The Lotus.

The Symbolism:

  • Black base: The womb, a birthplace, a location of manifestation

  • White base: Tabula rasa – a blank slate – from which to create

  • Purple: Ambition, Creativity, Imagination, and Peace

  • Gold: Royalty, Courage, Passion and Wisdom

  • Lotus: a flower that opens each morning, often rising from murky waters clean and unscathed, an ancient Egyptian symbol of rebirth and regeneration and an ode to one of STUDIIYO23’s guiding principles of constant growth and innovation.

Both bikes are offered in sizes 49, 52, 55, 59, and 62 well as two different handlebar options: Bull Horn and Risers for the perfect custom ride.

The Lotus is a very exclusive design and as such is limited to only 23 of each color. We are very proud and honored to offer this intricate collab with our friends and partners at State Bicycle Co.

MSRP $599

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